Joseph (KENYA)

His Family:

The Family live in Lamu at a place called Mpeketoni, in Uziwa Village . Mpeketoni it’s the second largest Town in Lamu, and Lamu Island being the grown city. The 1stPicture from Top right and bottom left its Part of Mpeketoni town I took Privately since its not allow taking picture since after the Alshaabab attach that happened in 2014.

The 3rdpicture it’s the road which lead where Joseph and His entire family do stay, The do live At Uziwa Village which is approximately 10 kilometres from Mpeketoni town. So going there I used Motorbike here we call it ( Boda Boda). And it’s a rough road since its interior part of the Mpeketoni.

Joseph was born in a family of 3 siblings unfortunately both parents passed away long time ago in which they had to live with their grand parents with other siblings as follow:

1. Francis Ndegwa (20 Years) ……………..1stBorn

2. Joseph Ndungu (16 Years)……………...2ndBorn

3. Brian Kuria…………… 3rdBorn But he left with Joseph Dad's Brother At the age of 1 Year and since then they haven’t seen each other.

This are the Grandparents and other siblings:

1. Francis Ndegwa (80 Years)……………Grandpa

2. Mary Waithera ( 60 Years) …………. Grandma

3. Teresiah Wairimu (20 Years)…………. Grand Daughter.

4. Francis Ndegwa (17 Years) ……………… Grand Son

5. Mary Waithera (15 Years) ……………….. Grand Daughter

6. Daniel Mbugua ( 10 Years) ……………… Grand Son

7. Gian Kea ( 7 Years) ………………….. Grand Son

8. Samuel Ng’ang’a ( 4 Years)…………… Grand Son

The list was long so I manage to capture this and also some were not present the went to church since it was Easter Friday.

As you have since the names keep on repeating its self this is the naming Culture for their tribe. You name grandpa, grandma, Uncles and so on.

His Living :

The family live hand to mouth life since the Grandpa and Grandma are not working and very old, they depend on Farming eg: they grow maize, they have small Banana Plantation, keep chicken and have cashew nuts, But due to dryness and the weather the Banana plantation its not doing well need a lot of water every time.

They also depends on relief food, from government and NGOs which it does not happen often. They had a lot of chicken but due to disease many died and they could not control the disease due to lack of Pesticides to control the disease that attacked the Chickens, they also have some goats but could not find them since they were already taken for grazing.

House living:

The house at the bottom left it’s the house where the grandpa and grandma with the small grandson and grand daughter they do sleep it’s a two bedroom house with a seating room but they prefer seating outside under a tree because its hot.

The 2ndhouse on top right that the kitchen as you can see there are utensil outside there,

And the Bottom Left house its for Joseph and Francis. That where they sleep and do their staff.

Electricity :

Uziwa Village has no electricity so most people use solar panels with car batter and invetoras source of power, so mostly when Francis is off he take his phone charging at a small Centre Uziwa where the electricity have reach.

The first picture it’s a solar panel they were using but the Batteries as you can see on the second picture does not store power for long it does take only 30 minutes and goes off, forcing them to use the paraffin lamp at night , so mostly the stay outside and take their dinner at the compound since its open and the lamp do help them a lot.

Jospeh body and wounds :

Was very happy to see Joseph he was smiling and I met them cleaning him using a tissue it would be better if they can get cotton instead of using Tissue to do the cleaning , it was in the morning he could not put on something since it was fresh wound from cleaning and that’s why I took the photos without covering him. The 2ndphoto its Joseph’s house where he sleep as you can see on the 3rdphoto. I went to Mpeketoni hospital unfortunately I didn’t met the Administrator but I met A doctor and I showed him the node photos and asked if they can release the Node but he told me that they don’t do so till Mombasa since

It deals with the Veins and currently am looking on how I can reach anyone from Lamu County

Hospital and see if they can do so.

Where he is sleeping :

Family appreciation :

“ I hope that you are fine and doing grate in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you that am recovering and I’m very much grateful. It is all due to your kind help that you have provided me such medical facilities and also helped me financially.

Without this, I wouldn’t be able to afford all the expenses while I was admitted.

For everything you have done for us in the past, everything you will do and will continue to do Joseph’s Family just want you to know how thankful they are. Thank you so much and may Heavenly Father shower His Blessing Upon you and your entire family”.

Joseph and The Family say A BIG THANK YOU! To all the Donors and Well-Wisher who have supported him in his Journey of healing both Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically.

Acts 20:35

“In everything I did, I showed

You that by this kind of hard

Work We must help the weak,

Remembering the words of

The Lord Jesus Christ himself

Said: It is more blessed to give

Than to receive”

Thank you so much

Compiled By Arastus Kadenge

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