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Baraka Hinzano is now 21 years old and he is in the 9th grade or here we call it From 1 and children of his age are now at University. His poor background forced him to get in and out of school, dropping out due to lack of money to pay for his education. Baraka comes from a very poor region (poorest in Kenya) called Ganze Constituency in kilifi Kenya and also from a very poor family. they have no electricity, no permanent house, no running water, they have to look for firewood to cook and it is an endless life of struggle. I have visited the home before. He comes from a single mother (who now also lives with disability after an injury on his upper thigh (a fall) that made her not get good medical care in good time. There are 7 siblings and Baraka and another sibling is the only one with high school education. He wants to be a lawyer in the future and he is really determined with his education, despite the lack of finances and his disability.

Baraka walks (supported by the sheen of the leg) 5 km to school every day and back home. This is a total of about 10 km. It must be hard for him

Baraka lost his limbs when he was less than 6 months old when he rolled onto the open fire place while asleep and his mum was away to go look for water. Unfortunately because of his tiny age, he could not remove the legs from the fire so the legs kept burning and the grandmother in a nearby house was woken up by the screams.

Baraka and his family leave in poverty. They have no beds, mattresses and food. They leave in temporary mud houses. But in 2020, Baraka and her teenage sister who has two small children were lucky to get 2 mattresses donated by Rob (after the closure of the Kilifi Limb centre I was running. It closed due to Covid).

Baraka has difficulty walking in the bad terrain of his region because he has improvised "shoes" or support made from flip flops.

Food is a big problem in the family. They go for a day or two with anything to eat. When lucky they get porridge or black cup of tea for a whole day. This is hard for them as they do really hard labour on the farm in very hot sun (32-39)degrees Celsius

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